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The Power Of the Moment

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It was one of those nights. I was steeped in worry and concern for the future. We all have those moments where depending on where we are in our lives, our attention can waver to the point where we can become weighed down by negative projections. So, I decided to get in touch with my spirit team. I sent out a heart call to Archangel Michael and voiced my complaints. In a split second, the energy shifted, becoming bigger and more star family entered the chat

"The power is in the moment." This is what I felt. "You must be willing to live moment to moment for the moment is all there is. What you bring to the moment is what will reflect back to you. You cannot invest so much energy and attention into the future which has yet to be. Be in the moment." From there, I was flooded with memories of all the times and situations where things "worked out for people" when they least expected it. "In a flash, everything can change." I also felt this sense that when things do work out, they do so in the time that best meets the need. So it may not be when you wanted things to fall into place, but rather when there was a vibrational match for a resolution.

Sometimes, we want things to resolve early to affirm our sense of safety. We want the resolution to physically manifest first so we can logically see that we are protected before we trust and take the leap. But as part of our spiritual evolution, we must be able to surrender and know that we are supported at all times. We must be willing to trust before we see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, knowing that our hearts would only guide us to infinite abundance. Spiritual living takes risk, just as living life in and of itself is a risk.

This scenario was a powerful reminder that we cannot take our old, worldly approaches with us into our space of expanded awareness. At the same time, we can be patient with ourselves as we adjust. It takes enormous courage to trust in what you can't see. So don't worry if you have a hard time adjusting. The Universe has no judgement towards you and the power of the moment will always be there.

Much love,


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