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3 Things You Need to Know About Shielding

Shielding is a technique used frequently by those who are aware of the existence of energy, and especially those who feel strongly affected by it. People's energy affects and influences us everyday, all the time. For those who feel especially sensitive to energy, aka empaths or HSP (highly sensitive people), they feel the need to take precautions when going about their daily lives. This includes what is called "shielding".

Shielding is the process of mentally placing a protective covering of energy around the auric field. The shield can take many forms such as an actual shield, mirrors, and the most common, a bubble. The point of the shield is to block out any heavy, "negative" or lower vibrations that may try to penetrate the auric field. I put "negative" in quotations because whether the energy is "negative" or not is a matter of perception. But the intention of placing the shield around the aura is to bring protection, which empaths and sensitives feel they need lots of.

Today, however, I want to explore this topic a bit more deeply because I feel we are missing a lot of important points when it comes to shielding. In order for us to adequately and effectively do anything, having an awareness of what we are doing is important. Let's begin.

1. Shielding Must Be Done With Intention

I notice that with many popular spiritual practices, whether it be shielding, saging or chakra balancing, they are done mindlessly. While working with clients over the years, I've observed many people taking on spiritual practices to bring healing because they heard about it and feel that it's what they're supposed to do. Unfortunately, when a practice is taken on in this way, it is not done with intention and authenticity and this is so important with anything we do. So when shielding, avoid just saying "I put a bubble of protection around my aura to protect myself" without having the commitment to what is being said. Also avoid being distracted when doing your shielding work. So when you intend to put a shield up, do so from a place of meaning and focus on what you're doing. And actually pay attention to how you feel through the whole process.

2. Your Beliefs Determine the Strength of Your Shield

This is really important. Many empaths are disappointed at the effectiveness of their shield. They wonder why even after setting the intention to shield that they continue absorbing people's unwanted energies. One thing that needs to be put into consideration is beliefs. Commonly, empaths have underlying codependent tendencies, issues with boundaries, martyr mentality and believe that they must be sacrificed in order to bring healing to others. This can cause holes in the shield being utilized for protection. Again, this is where we have to be mindful of what we are doing and how we do it. A shield of protection is really just an extension of you. A shield is a mental projection and so whatever you believe to be true is going to be a part of the shield. No matter how hard you try to block out energies, if you believe deep down that you want to sacrifice your own energy for the good of others, you will get drained.

3. Your Shield Can Shift With Your Energy

Since your shield is a projection of your mind, any shift in energy can affect your shield. Energy is always moving and changing. I've noticed that as I've been learning about myself, my energy and how it works, that my shield can drop when I become overly emotional, afraid, angry, etc. And so in those moments, we have to be mindful of how we're feeling and how it's affecting us. I also find that if I'm going through a change that causes me to feel rattled or unstable, I have to constantly renew my shield throughout the day. Same goes for grounding.

So, What's The Conclusion?

At the end of the day, what we can take from all of this is that whatever we put out there is really just us a reflection of our own energy, our own mental perceptions. Whatever we do, whether it be shielding or anything else, we must do some from a place of purity and true intention. Ask yourself "What do I feel I need for my own health and support?" Beyond the practice of shielding, there are many things that we can do to build the integrity of our energy such as spending time alone, having compassion for ourselves, taking time to eat what our bodies call for and more. Be in touch with yourself and what you need at any given time. This will bring mindfulness and true body, mind and spirit connection.

Take care,


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