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The Unicorns-How They've Been Assisting Since Atlantis

Once upon a time in Atlantis, when the dimensions varied greatly from the dimensions of our present moment, there was peace and diplomacy. Atlanteans lived in harmony together, with the foundation of their civilization being love, oneness and truth for all beings. The unicorns lived in Atlantis as an embodiment of purity, innocence and the light of the Divine. The unicorns were healers, portal openers and sources of potent magic. However one day, Atlantis had visitors from another place beyond the stars, and from that point on, the dynamics of Atlantis shifted. Control, manipulation and separation polluted the land. The desire for these visitors to establish a hierarchy caused the civilization of Atlantis to become weak, dense, and less connected to their nature as spiritual beings. Soon, the unicorns became a target for greed and selfishness. The unicorns fought to maintain purity in Atlantis until it’s imminent fall.

At this time in our Earth’s process of evolution, the unicorns are working with Archangel Michael to support lightworkers in their mission to preserve and protect this same essence of love, light and purity that has been on our planet since the dawn of creation. Lightworkers, starseeds and other beings of service are encoded with programs that serve as instructions for their life and their mission; so they know exactly what to do and when to do it. Many of these lightworkers and other beings of service have incarnated in Atlantis and other civilizations before, which endows them gifts, soul memories and strengths that they can utilize in this lifetime. The unicorns, with the help of Archangel Michael, are here to support lightworkers by surrounding them in pure light to protect them and keep the path ahead of them safe from outside, negative influence. They also recommend the use of clear quartz to help unlock information and trigger DNA activations to allow easier access to the soul’s memories and the memories of our planet.

Connecting to the Unicorns

To work with the unicorns and have them support you on your path, simply set the intention in your heart to do so.

Close your eyes and take several deep breaths until you feel relaxed.

Place your hand over your heart and focus your attention there. Imagine your heart opening and radiating with light.

See this light spreading throughout your entire body. See yourself glowing with white, pink and gold sparkles. Feel your vibration shift to a higher level as you are encompassed with light and love.

When you are ready, state aloud, “I set the intention to connect with and invite into my life my unicorn guide that is supporting me and protecting me on my path. I set this intention with pure unconditional love and the highest vibration of universal light. Thank you.”

Know in your heart that because you have set a pure intention, your unicorn will come to you.

Imagine the light within your heart extending like a laser and then proceed to send this heart light out to your unicorn guide.

Visualize a beautiful forest, a lake or grassy area and imagine your unicorn guide appearing to you. Pay attention to any other images, thoughts, words or feelings that may emerge.

Remain here for a few moments. You can continue to send love to your unicorn and thank them for their presence as you then set the intention to fully come back to the room.

There are several ways to amplify the energy of the unicorns in your life.

Love: Make love your focus. Send loving thoughts to yourself and others as much as possible.

Crystals: The crystals danburite and selenite can be awesome companions for working with unicorn energy. Danburite helps to raise your vibration and open up the soul star chakra which can create a clear channel for working with unicorn energy. Selenite also helps to raise your vibration while also purifying your energy and making room for more light to come into your field through the crown chakra.

Focus: Spend more time focusing on the unicorns either through looking at images of them, playing music that reminds you of them and/or asking them to come and sit with you.

Remember that your intentions must always be pure in order to work with the unicorns. They are more than willing to help those that are pure of heart and want to help others. Earth and its inhabitants are experiencing great transformation which means that love, compassion and support are needed. Respect them and express gratitude for their desire to help those who want to help others.

I hope that this has given you some insight into the unicorns and how you can connect with them.

Much love,


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