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What to Do When There Is Nothing to Do

As long as you've been with me and observing the unfoldment of my spiritual journey, you've heard me talk about the wisdom of the heart....a lot lol. And in that wisdom of the heart, we become aware that allowing the heart to guide and direct our action is what brings us and the world the most alignment. But what happens when you're in a space when there's nothing to do? No action to take?

For example, in my time at home, I would always allow my heart and my body to guide me towards what will bring the most alignment. So depending on the day, this could be listening to music, meditating, creating, reading, watching a certain movie or show, etc...the list goes on. But what I found quite intriguing is that I would find myself in situations that would induce anxiety because I was not guided to do anything. At the time, I had a hard time understanding this, because we have been taught that there is ALWAYS something to do. As a result, I would continue to cling to what was familiar and what brought me peace in past moments. But the truth is that we must be willing to be in the moment, which means that what "worked" in the past may not work now.

So what I would do in these anxiety inducing situations is basically surrender to nothingness. If there was no desire to do anything then that was exactly what the being be still, perhaps to reflect, maybe to just stare out the window with no goal or intention. In those cases, how useful would a goal or intention be anyway? Once I allowed myself to embrace the stillness and the nothingness WITHOUT intention (such as what we do in meditation), I was granted the gift of true serenity.

I have found in more recent times for myself that I'm being guided to limit my time on social media and be fully present in the world. Social media has become such a natural part of the goings on of our day that sometimes we don't realize how much time we spend on it. In those moments where I am not on social media, I give myself time to lay down, be present with my body and then follow whatever impulses guide me into action, which may present itself as going for a walk, painting or having another look at a book I've skimmed through in the past. Sometimes I don't receive guidance to do I just allow myself to be. I think this approach would also be useful when we feel a compulsion to buy something we don't need on Amazon...

But that's for another blog post lol

Much love,


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