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Welcome, to Saiedah's School of Divine Alchemy

Painting of the Pyramids

Hello and welcome to my school! I have formulated this school for those that are on the path of spiritual growth whose goal is to serve the planet through being their purest, most authentic self. This program will take you through various subjects based on cycles commonly experienced on the spiritual path as well as aspects which must be nurtured for the best results. This program is the second part of the curriculum which also includes teachings for the more advanced seeker. 

Class 1: Grounding

One of the most important aspects of the spiritual journey, grounding is essential for maintaining balance, centeredness and self awareness. In this class, I'll go through the basics of grounding while also offering some tools, tips and techniques for staying as  grounded as possible. 

Class 2: Embodiment

Another important aspect while traveling on the spiritual path. This class will give you the tools needed to become embodied. What does it mean to be "embodied?" To be embodied is to be fully present in your physicality and have a deep sense of awareness of your needs, senses, sensations and feelings...preferably without shame. Grounding is associated with grounding, hence why these classes are taught consecutively. 

Class 3: Self Care

In this class, we'll be going over some popular self care techniques, as well as some others that may surprise you. We'll touch on rest, Earth connection, spiritual hygiene, meditation, chakra balancing, shielding, intuitive movement and much more. Self care is important, especially as you work through the process of embodiment.

Class 4: Spiritual Attunement

This class is short as it is focused on transmitting an attunement to help release blocks. Recommendations for diet and exercise also given. 

Class 5: Intuition and Divine Guidance

As you work on becoming embodied and process your spiritual attunement, your intuition will become louder. During this class, we'll discuss the "clairs", how they manifest and how to use discernment-One of the most important tools for our time. 

Class 6: The Upheaval

Dealing with upheavals, emotional instability and sudden changes is part of the spiritual journey. This class will give you some insight on this process and how to feel a bit better about it. 

Class 7: Working with Higher Energies

Working with our own bodies brings gifts that are amplified by the introduction of higher energies. During this class, I'll be introducing you to simple techniques for connecting to your spiritual team and how to maintain a connection with them regularly. 

Class 8: Angelic Pathway of Ascension

There are many ways to facilitate the process of spiritual transformation- And working the angels is one of them. Within this part of the course, I'll show you techniques for not only "connecting" with the angels, but also how to intentionally work with their energy. These techniques can also be used for other guides you may feel drawn to. 

Class 9: Star Family Connections

Many people drawn to this course will feel a connection with the stars in some way. This part of the course will be focused on reviewing the different star peoples, their qualities and how to connect with them more deeply. 

Class 10: Anchoring in the Divine Masculine

By the time you've finished this course, you may still be working on some of the things discussed in earlier classes. Still, I will be briefly going over the next phase of the journey-The anchoring in of the Divine Masculine, the God self. 

Other classes:

Dealing with ego destruction

Dealing with fear

Each class is held weekly and includes an assignment that is due by the next week. 

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