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Imaginary Worlds Brought to Life With Un

If you find yourself at a point in your life where you need guidance from the universe, a Spirit Consult will give you the support you need. Messages from Spirit communicated through your team of angels, ascended masters, ancestors and spirit guides provide details on what you need to know for your path. These consultations cover various areas of your life including: 

  • Life purpose

  • Career

  • Spiritual evolution

  • Love and relationships

The Spirit Consult is also helpful for clarifying the unfoldement process of a situation, especially if you feel you're at a crossroads or pause in your life. These sessions are not quick fix solutions but serve as a way for you to have the information you need to make conscious and authentic choices. 

 Many times people find solace after receiving a Spirit Consult as the messages received confirm their intuition which reassures their security in following their hearts. Whether you are at a crossroads or want confirmation you're on the right track, I am happy to help you through this Spirit Consult. 

Although I have the ability to work within the psychic realm, I consider myself to be a channel for Spirit. So whatever streams through is what you must know for your highest good. Sometimes what you need is not always what you want and sometimes what you want to know is not what will serve your growth the most. Spirit's objective is to empower you, to help you see that you are a sovereign, spiritual being that has the ability to choose their reality from a multitude of realities that exist. We cannot control what happens in our lives but we can choose the way in which we navigate through our experiences...this is how we choose our reality. These sessions are not for those that just want answers, but for those who seek to follow a higher truth and apply it to their everyday lives. I ask that you be open and flexible to the process of these consults.

***Each session comes with a healing shot! A short burst of healing energy is sent to you to help clear up any stagnancy or misalignments!***

Sessions can be conducted over Zoom, telephone or in person. For in person sessions, reach out to me privately for more information. For distant sessions, once receipt of payment is received, a confirmation email will be sent with details for scheduling.

30 min $85

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