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Jalesa Tucker

The Golden Goddess Initiations was a beautiful experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this activation, but I was open to the experience, and by the end, I felt transformed. Each week built upon the previous week as we journeyed into the realm and frequency of each goddess. By the end I felt an energetic upgrade and unique empowerment from Hathor, Isis, and Sekmet. If you’ve ever wanted to deepen your connection to Egyptian goddesses, strengthen your energy field, or simply enjoy journeying through meditation with other  spiritual people you’ll find a home in this program. Thank you for your incredible work Saiedah!!! - Jalesa Tucker

Ee Ting Ng.jpg

Ee Ting Ng

Saiedah's Soul Portraits delicately express how you are seen and beheld by the Divine. 


I experienced myself in ways I had not encountered before, yet instantly recognised. It is a forever invitation to connect more deeply with my Soul.


If you feel drawn to Saiedah's work, go for it. It is a treasure cave you gift yourself.

Joyous Dark.jpg

Joyous Dark

I’ve been doing readings with Saiedah since her early Etsy days. What struck me about her then is what strikes me about her now: She is precise, accurate, and far-reaching. I still go back to readings even from 2016 and find truths that are still revealing themselves in grand, exciting ways. And she only gets clearer and purer as a channel every time. 


Tammy Chaney

I was guided to utilize Saiedah’s services and was torn between the Channeled Soul Portrait and the Channeled Divine Messages. I opted for the Soul Portrait message this time, but after receiving my portrait and message today, I will most definitely be getting the Channeled Divine Message next month. Saiedah’s talent as both an artist and channel is authentic. What she shared with me she could not have gotten from anywhere on the internet about me nor does she ask any questions about you. She was so spot on and left me with much to think about and continue to work on within myself. The portrait is absolutely gorgeous. If you are considering her services, do it! I promise you will be more than satisfied with the feedback she is able to provide. She is amazing and so accurate!

Irina Self - 8.jpg


I was very pleased by Saiedah Rose natural ways of delivering messages, with no rush or theatrics, rather the conversation was flowing in harmony and in own speed, allowing the time and space for us both to express insights and discoveries made during reading. Saiedah answered all my questions in a supportive manner and I felt that I found the keys to what I was looking for. 

Highly recommend Saiedah for readings and spiritual insights sessions, you will enjoy her intelligence, positive attitude, and supportive energies. 



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